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Rules change! This page was updated August, 2017, with a view toward the USF philosophy department only. If you are travelling for another department, you're in the wrong place. If it is currently long past August, 2017, this page may be obsolete.

1. Travel Checklist

This checklist is intended as a helpful guide to USF travel rules, with particulars related to our department. A full manual of University rules and procedures is here.

2. Travel Authorization Form or TAR

Please discard older Excel-based versions of the TAR and use this department-specific form. It may be submitted electronically or on paper. Submit it at least 25 business days before you expect to travel. If you plan on being reimbursed for expenses, do not incur them until you have received a TAR number by email from the Archivum system. Here is a version with the checklist appended.

3. Travel Expense Report or TER

The TER form is used for both domestic and international travel.

Deadline: up to 30 days after travel.
If the TER form is not submitted within 30 days after travel, the timeliness report must be completed by the traveler and approved by the Provost before travel can be processed. Be sure to consult the checklist and (if necessary) the travel manual in curating, organizing, and submitting your documentation.

4. International Travel

a. Dollar Converter (convert US Dollars to another currency): A copy of the converter page showing the amount being converted must accompany the Travel Report when traveling internationally.

b. US State Department Per Diem Rates: When claiming Per Diem the following two items must be copied and accompany the Travel Report when traveling internationally.

1. M & IE Rates- By Country and Date of Travel:

2. Appendix B - M & IE Rates by dollar amounts:

5. Travel - Exception Signature Request Form, Timeliness Request

If the TAR is not submitted and processed before the travel begins or the TER (30 days after you travel) is not processed in a timely manner, and then a Timeliness Request must be processed.  If you do not submit your TAR or TER on time, then this section will need to be completed on the Travel Exception Signature Request Form - Timeliness Request

a. Name where noted.
b. Reason and Detailed Explanation for Exception:  Provide Summary.
c. Preventative Action:  Provide specific preventative action.

6. Pre-Approval for Travel Lasting for a Duration over 30 days

The Pre-Approval Form must be submitted for travel lasting for a duration over 30 days away from headquarters.


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