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Travel Information

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A TAR must be processed before airline or hotel tickets are purchased. 
Do not purchase before the TAR is submitted and processed by Yvonne.

Any traveler making arrangements to travel should keep in mind the dates of the travel should not be more than one day before and after the date of the conference.  If the dates are more tha one day before and after, a justification must be given:  example – research, meetings, personal time, please provide a list of dates with the explanation.

1. TAR – Travel Authorization Report

The TAR form is used for both domestic and international travel.
Estimate the amount and type of charges you will be using.

Deadline: 14 days before travel

If the TAR is not submitted and processed before travel begins, then a timeliness report must be completed by the traveler and approved by the Provost.  The TAR should be submitted to Yvonne in time for her to process and obtain necessary approvals.  (See #4 on this page.)

After the TAR has been approved and processed the following information is needed:

a. Preset Travel Amount Form:

This form is used for both domestic and international travel.
The form includes a section from published page 13 of the Travel Manual in regard to how expenses should be claimed.
A signed Preset Travel Amount Form along with the TAR and OFB is to be submitted each time you travel.

b. All Travel Bookings:

Orbitz for Business (OFB) has been discontinued.  All future bookings may be made outside of OFB using an online travel booking website, travel agency or directly with the provider. 

To maintain compliance with Florida State Statute 112.061 which calls for use of the most efficient and economical means of travel, a new procedure has been developed. All new bookings outside OFB, the Travel Compliance Instructions and Travel Compliance Form must be completed at the time of booking and included in the travel expense report receipt package. 

If a traveler chooses a multi-destination or otherwise circuitous air route for personal reasons, or chooses to drive to a long distance destination rather than flying, the traveler will be reimbursed only the amount that round trip airfare to and from the business event would have cost. Any additional expenses incurred for personal travel should be paid out of pocket rather than prepaid on PCard. In such cases, the traveler is responsible for pulling comparable airfare—prior to the travel, --showing the range of fares available if only the round trip business fare were being purchased.

NOTE: You will need to document the price difference and destination for the flight/hotel.  Make screen shots and save what you find.  This information will need to be submitted with the TAR.  The Travel Department will be auditing the travel arrangements for compliance.  If in doubt, the Travel Department can be contacted to get clarification.

Be sure the flight information is what you want.  Once you have selected it, you will be charged a fee to change the ticket. Most hotel reservations are final. 

A copy of your ticket and hotel reservation will need to accompany the TAR. The copy must contain the cost summary and billing information.

2. TER – Travel Report

The TER form is used for both domestic and international travel.

Deadline: up to 30 days after travel.
If the TER form is not submitted within 30 days after travel, the timeliness report must be completed by the traveler and approved by the Provost before travel can be processed. (See #4 on this page.)

Information Needed:

a. All receipts and a copy of the conference brochure must be supplied.
b. Conference/convention: an original copy of the brochure must be provided.  Travel will return the brochure per your request.
c. For International Travel, see # 3 below for additional information needed.

Per Diem
Per Diem In-State or Out-of-State:
Breakfast $6.00, Lunch $11.00, Dinner $19.00. You do not need to keep meal receipts.
International Per Diem is different -- see #3 below.

Car Rental
Reservations should be made with National and Enterprise #XZ42D09 both vendors are available nationwide.

Lane Simpson
Business Rental Administrative Representative
813-261-8099 office
813-888-7106 fax

Nicholas Kirby
Business Rental Executive
813.261.8085 direct
727.409.6564 cell
813.888.7106 fax

Chad Elwood
Business Rental Sales Manager
727.423.0297 direct

Mileage is estimated by going to one of the websites: or, you may use any website you like.

Start with your home address and go to your destination address.
A copy of the map showing your address, the destination address and mileage must be provided.

3. International Travel

a. Dollar Converter (convert US Dollars to another currency): A copy of the converter page showing the amount being converted must accompany the Travel Report when traveling internationally.

b. US State Department Per Diem Rates: When claiming Per Diem the following two items must be copied and accompany the Travel Report when traveling internationally.

1. M & IE Rates- By Country and Date of Travel:

2. Appendix B - M & IE Rates by dollar amounts:

4. Travel - Exception Signature Request Form, Timeliness Request

If the TAR is not submitted and processed before the travel begins or the TER (30 days after you travel) is not processed in a timely manner, and then a Timeliness Request must be processed.  If you do not submit your TAR or TER on time, then this section will need to be completed on the Travel Exception Signature Request Form - Timeliness Request

a. Name where noted.
b. Reason and Detailed Explanation for Exception:  Provide Summary.
c. Preventative Action:  Provide specific preventative action.
d. Print, sign your name and give copy to Yvonne.
e. E-mail all explanations to Yvonne

5. Pre-Approval for Travel Lasting for a Duration over 30 days

The Pre-Approval Form must be submitted for travel lasting for a duration over 30 days away from headquarters.


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