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Publisher Links

Note: Only faculty and teaching assistant instructors are permitted to order desk and examination copies.

Anchor (see Random House) Oxford UP ;
Blackwell Penguin Group USA
Cambridge UP Philosophy at Prentice Hall
Continuum Prentice Hall, Pearson
Cornell UP Prometheus
Free Press (see Simon & Schuster) Random House
Hackett Publishing Company Routledge
Harcourt (see Wadsworth) Rowman & Littlefield
Harper Collins Simon & Schuster
Harvard University Press Touchstone (see Simon & Schuster)
Houghton Mifflin Univ. Chicago Press
Mayfield Publishing Viking (see Penguin)
McGraw-Hill Wadsworth ("Cengage")
MIT Press Yale University Press

Blackwell: Call 1-800-216-2522

Continuum: Fax to 1-800-212-953-5944

Cornell UP: Fax to 1-800-688-2877

Harper Collins: Call 1-800-242-7737

Harvard UP: Fax to 1-800-406-9145

MIT Press: Fax to 1-800-406-9145

Norton: Call 1-800-233-4830

Oxford University Press: E-mail to

Prentice Hall; Pearson:
Call 1-813-404-6920
or e-mail Andrew Dickey at

Simon & Schuster: Fax to 1-800-943-9831

U. Chicago Press Fax to 1-800-621-8476
(c/o Chicago Distribution Center)

Textbook Adoption

To order textbooks for your class:

The procedure is very simple.
You go online to
Click on the FACULTY link on the black menu bar.
Then follow directions to set up an account for ordering books. Once you set up the account (Name, email, password, etc.) you can order books for your courses (author name, title, ISBN, etc.).

After you receive the order confirmation, you should forward it to the Academic Program Specialist so that questions about the orders can be fielded in your absence.

If you need desk copies, you can order them directly from the publisher.
Go to the TOP of this page where you will see a list of links from which you can order desk copies.