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Dossier Service

Procedure and Deadlines:

To use the dossier service, students must decide that they are "going on the market" by mid-October when the first fall issue of Jobs for Philosophers comes out, and then they need to attend the October Placement Meeting.

The candidate must provide a Complete Dossier to the the Placement Officer, with the exception of the letters of recommendation. After the dossier has been approved, the Candidate may begin applying for positions.

The candidate is responsible for mailing all dossier documents, except the letters of recommendation which are confidential and will be mailed by the Department.

A Complete Dossier Consists of a Combination of the Following Documents:


  • Cover Letter
  • CV with List of Graduate Courses
  • Writing Sample
  • Letters of Recommendation


  • Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness
  • Dissertation Summary
  • Reseach Statement
  • Response to Mission Statement if a Religion Affiliated School
  • Copy of Official Transcript