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Martin  Schönfeld

Martin Schönfeld

Martin Schönfeld


Office: FAO 221
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Martin Schönfeld teaches in the Department of Philosophy and in the College of Global Sustainability. He earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy (minor: the History and Philosophy of Science) with a thesis on Kant. He teaches courses on environmental ethics, comparative philosophy, and Chinese philosophy, and offers seminars on the cultural dimensions of the climate emergency.

His research concerns the existential implications of planetary boundaries, the societal evolution towards an ecological civilization, and the sustainability transition in the Anthropocene. The focus of his research is climate philosophy -- the study of existential impacts of climate change. For philosophy, the planetary crisis is a opportunity to cast off obsolete methods and perspectives, and to embrace once more the responsibility it assumed during the Enlightenment: to be world-wisdom or Weltweisheit.


Ph.D. Indiana, 1995.