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February 28 - March 1, 2014:

The 7th annual conference of the University of South Florida Philosophy Graduate Student Organization

We are pleased to announce that the 7th annual conference of the University of South Florida Philosophy Graduate Student Organization will take place on February 28 - March 1, 2014, in Tampa, Florida. Our topic this year is Early Modern Philosophy (roughly Descartes - Kant).

Daniel Garber (Stuart Professor of Philosophy, Princeton) will give the keynote address. Douglas Jesseph (USF) will give a faculty address. Participants are encouraged to stay for the Southeast Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy taking place here on March 1-2, 2014.

USF’s Philosophy Graduate Student Organization Conference
Feb 28 – Mar 1

Friday, February 28 - C. W. Bill Young Hall: CWY 206
10:00-10:30     Welcome
10:30-11:15     Miles Hentrup (Stony Brook): “Taking Doubt Seriously: Cartesian Doubt and the Achievement of the Cogito”
11:15-12:15     Faculty Address: Douglas Jesseph (USF): “Hobbes and conatus: The Ultimate Explanatory Principle?”
1:15-2:00         Joel Archer (St. Louis University): “Descartes on Freedom and the Universal Constancy of Motion”
2:00-2:45         Adam Hamilton (Florida State University): “Superaddition: Whichcote and Cudworth”
3:00-3:45         Nicholas Baima (Washington University, St. Louis): “Transcendental Uncertainty and the Precondition for Morality”
4:00-5:00         Keynote: Daniel Garber (Princeton): “Why the Scientific Revolution Wasn’t a Scientific Revolution”

Saturday, March 1 - Marshall Center: MSC 3707
9:30-10:00       Coffee
10:15-11:00     Daniel Collette (University of South Florida): “Descartes’ Pyrrhonian Morale Par Provision
11:00-11:45     Christiaan Remmelzwaal (University of Neuchatel): “Spinoza on the Relation between our Ideas of Things and our Emotions “
1200-12:45      Jameson Putnam (San Francisco State): “Disinterested Love, Moral Knowledge and Becoming God: Leibniz’s Rationalist Morality”

Questions or technical concerns can be sent to Aaron Spink ( or Joseph Anderson (

Southeast Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy
University of South Florida

Tampa, FL

March 1-2, 2014

Invited speaker: Daniel Garber (Princeton)

Saturday, March 1 - Marschall Center: MSC 3707
2:00-3:00         Marcus Adams (Pittsburgh): “The Wax and the Mechanical Mind: Reexamining Hobbes’s Objections to Descartes’s Meditations
3:15-4:15         Lucio Mare (USF): “Holographic Pains: Early Modern Accounts of Phantom Limbs and the Mind-Body Union”
4:15-5:15         Francesca di Poppa (Texas Tech): “Maimonides, Herrera, and Spinoza on Causation and Emanation”

Sunday, March 2 - Marshall Center: MSC 3707
8:30-8:45         Coffee
8:45-9:45         Thomas Feeney (Yale): “Strong Necessitarianism, or What Leibniz Left in Paris”
9:45-10:45       Samuel Murray (St. Louis): “An Early Theory of Contingency in Leibniz”
11:00-12:00     Jessica Williams (Stanford): “Did Kant abandon the distinction between judgments of perception and judgments of experience in the revised Deduction?”
12:00-1:00       Daniel Garber (Princeton): “Superstition”











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