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Australian National University: Social and Political Theory
Bowland College Lancaster University: Institute for Cultural Research
Cambridge University: Political Thought and Intellectual History
Carleton College: Social Thought Concentration
Columbia U.: Political Theory Subfield
European University Institute, Florence Italy
George Mason University: Ph.D. in Cultural Studies
George Washington University Interdisciplinary Program in Human Sciences
Goldsmiths College
Harvard University: Committee on Degrees in Social Studies
Hillsdale College: Sociology and Social Thought Program
Mount Holyoke College: Critical Social Thought Interdisciplinary Program
New School for Social Research
Penn State University: Social Thought Program
San Francisco State U.: Critical Social Thought Program
Stanford Program in Modern Thought and Literature
Texas-Arlington, Texas-Austin, UCLA, UC-Irvine, Virginia Tech: Center for Theory
The Queen's University of Belfast: Post-Structuralism and Radical Politics Specialist Group
Univ. of Arizona: Cultural Studies
U. of Birmingham: Department of Cultural Studies and Sociology
UC-Davis: Center for History, Society, and Culture
UCLA: Center for Social Theory and Comparative History
U. of California Santa Cruz: Graduate Program in History of Consciousness
U. of Chicago: The Committee on Social Thought
U. of Edinburgh: MSc/Diploma - Social and Political Theory
University of Essex: Centre for Theoretical Studies
University of Illinois-Urbana
Univ. of Kentucky: Committee on Social Theory
U. of Massachusetts at Amherst: Social Thought and Political Economics
University of Maryland: Theory Program
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
U. of Melbourne: Ashworth Centre for Social Theory
University of Nottingham: Postgraduate School of Critical Theory
Univ. of South Florida: Social Theory
Univ. of Sussex: Social and Political Thought
U. of Victoria: Concentration in Contemporary Social and Political Thought
U. of Virginia: The Political and Social Thought Program
Univ. of Warwick: Social and Political Thought
U. of Washington: Comparative History of Ideas Program
Washington University: Committee on Social Thought and Analysis
Westminster: Centre for the Study of Democracy
York University: Social and Political Thought Programme

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