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As a type IV center of the state university system, the Center for Social and Political Thought receives no annual budgetary support and is supported by funds external to the university. The Center has an account in the U.S.F. foundation which accepts donations and these donations may be used for specially targeted purposes such as named lectures, such as the recent Catherine Stephens Overbey Memorial lecture, given by University of California Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science Hubert Dreyfus. The Director of the Center will be pleased to discuss opportunities for giving. The Center is open to discussions in the area of social and political thought from all points of view and has hosted outstanding scholars from both the right and the left as well as "peer" scholars in the area of social and political thought. The Center would be in a position to administer scholarship support, scholarship support for honor's students, fellowship support for graduate students, post doctoral fellowships, and positions to support visiting scholars, all of which would be named, for example as a memorial, at the discretion of the donor with the agreement of the center director and foundation. Click here for more information.

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