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Affiliated Faculty

Some faculty listed below have provided us with a short biography. Click on their name to view their information.

Kevin Archer, Geography
David Carr, History
Carolyn DiPalma, Women's Studies
Darrell Fasching, Religious Studies
Michael Gibbons, Government and International Affairs
Laurel Graham, Sociology
Cheryl Hall, Government and International Affairs
Elizabeth Hirsh, English
John Jermier, Management
Erwin Johanningmeier, Psychology and Social Foundations of Education
Stan Kranc, Civil Engineering
Paula Young Lee, Humanities
William E. Lee III Chemical Engineering
Walter Nord, Management
Gary Olson, English
Christy Ponticelli, Sociology
Trevor Purcell, Anthropology and Africana Studies
Terry Richardson, Psychology and Social Foundations of Education
Tom Ross, English
Ofelia Schutte, Women's Studies and Philosophy
Willis Truitt, Philosophy
Stephen Turner, Philosophy
Harry Vanden, Government and International Affairs
David Wright,Fine Arts
Lynn Worsham, English
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