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David Carr
1964Colorado State University
1968University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1971University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Medieval and Renaissance political thought. Particularly interested in the relationship between articulated ideals and socio-political reality. These ideals may be embodied in either formal treatises or more mundane sources such as municipal ordinances.

"The Prince and the City: Idology and Reality in the Thought of Marsilius of Padua," Medioevo: rivista di storia della filosofia medioevale, 5-6 (1979-80), 279-291.
"Marsilius of Padua: the Use and Image of History in Defensor Pacis," Altro Polo 4 (1981), 13-28.
"Marsilius of Padua and the Role of Law," Italian Quarterly 28, no. 108 (Spring 1987), 5-25.
"From Pollution to Prostitution: Supervising the Citizens of Fifteenth-Century Salisbury," Southern History (forthcoming, Fall 1997).

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