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Kevin Archer
1981McGill University
B.A. Economics
1983McGill University
M.A. Geography
1990Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. Geography and Environmental Engineering

Issues surrounding "post-Marxism" or non-essentialist dialectics
Post-modernism in social theory
Space and the social relations of place
The growth of global (city) culture

"Alien Invaders: Envisioning Exotic Species in Florida" Florida Geographer (forthcoming).
"Megalopolis in the Making: Urbanizing Central Florida's I-4 Corridor" Pathways Resource Publication (forthcoming).
"The Limits to the Imagineerd City: Sociospatial Polarization in Orlando" Economic Geography 78: 1997; 322-336.
"A Lighter Shade of Green: Reproducing Nature in Central Florida" Florida Geographer 27: 1996; 4-21.
"Packaging the Place: Development Strategies in Tampa and Orlando, Florida" in C. Demaziere, P. Wilson, eds., Local Economic Development in Europe and the Americas London: Mansell, 1995; 239-263.
"A Folk Guide to Geography as a Holistic Science" Journal of Geography 94: 1995; 404-411.
"Regions as Social Organisms: The Lamarckian Characteristics of Vidal de la Blache's Regional Geography" Annals of the Association of American Geographers 83: 1993; 498-514.

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