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Social and political thought is one of the strengths of the University of South Florida. Coursework in social and political thought is offered in several of the colleges of the university, including the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business, the College of Education, and the College of Fine Arts. The Center periodically offers special courses in which the affiliated faculty participate, usually in the summer session and on the graduate level. On the undergraduate level, the center has been instrumental in creating the distance learning introduction to "classical" social theory, covering Marx, Nietzsche, Durkheim and Weber, which is offered under the titles modern political philosophy in the philosophy department and classical social theory in the sociology department. The course is ordinarily available through distance learning on the branch campus. In addition, the Center sponsors a concentration in the master of liberal arts program in social and political thought.

The Center provides space for visiting scholars and editorial work, as well as a conference room for group meetings and classes. The center is located in FAO 220 on the Tampa campus of the University Inquires about the Center should be directed to Stephen Turner, 813-974-5549 or to his email address,

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